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How can i know wich shape of frames is good for my face?? Guide for a face shape fitting for 2022

If you are anything like me, when you look at sunglasses in a store you spend hours putting on pair after pair, randomly hoping to find a pair that won't make you look like someone who Leonard Hofstadter would hang out with.

There's actually a simple science to finding the right general style for your face. Once you have read this simple guide, you should be able to easily pick out the right general styles for you, and after that its down to personal choice.

Note: In this blog I have referred mainly to Ray-Ban designs (wayfarers, predators etc) simply because they are so well known, but you'll find our other design labels will carry a range of similar shapes to suit various face types.


Face Shape Types

Most experts agree that there are 6 general face shapes: Round, square, oblong, heart, oval and diamond shaped. To work out what shape you are, simply looking in the mirror isn't enough: You’re going to need to take some rough measurements.

  1. Measure your forehead  at the widest point.
  2. Measure your cheekbones at the widest point.
  3. Next measure your jawline at its widest point.
  4. Finally, measure the length of your face from the top of your forehead at your hairline and down to the bottom of your chin.

Your face is going to fit into one of these following six categories of face shapes.

Oblong Faces

Oblong faces are longer than their width. If the measurements of your jawline, cheeks and forehead are pretty much the same, you're an oblong! You're in a class of faces that include Kim Kardashian and Ben Affleck!

Experts say that oblong faced people should avoid smaller frame shapes and look to the currently very fashionable oversized sunglasses. Choose larger and/or thicker frames. Sharp angles work well on male oblongs. Look for shapes similar to Ray-Ban's wayfarers, many of the Tom Ford designs and wraparounds. More rectangular designs will look good too. Bottom line, avoid small frames.


Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces have more pointed chins with a wider foreheads and cheeks. Your face will also measure be a little longer than it is wide at the cheeks.Think Chris Pine or Reese Witherspoon.

Glasses that even out your face proportions will look best. Try thinner frames, rimless or semi-rimless frames. If you do like some frame thickness, look for styles like Aviators, butterfly, and round sunglasses which should work well for you.

Square Faces

Square faces are essentially equal in length and width. The cheek and length measurements will be similar with no more than an 1" or 1.5" difference. The edges of your face will be almost straight up and down. You’ll have a more squared precise jawline with clear angles. Rihanna & Tom Cruise are examples of "squares".

Since square faces have a distinctive and chiseled look with bolder features. The designs that tend to work for squarer faces are ones with curves like Aviators, oval sunglasses, round sunglasses and wraps. It’s best to stick with designs that have nice gentle curves.

Oval Faces

If you're an Oval (egg shaped) than you can relax, because most designs are going to look good on you and you can just go with your personal taste. Oval faces are  longer than they are wide,  with a slightly wider forehead and shorter jawline and slightly rounded chin.Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) has an oval face, as does George Clooney.

Round Faces

Your face will be around the same width and length. with a smaller forehead and a small rounded jawline than someone with a squarer face.You won't have a sharp jaw line, but more of a gentle curve. Think Emma Stone or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Round faced people need geometrically shaped sunglasses to counteract the shape. Selecting frames that are rectangular like predators or perhaps wayfarers are going to be your best bet.

Diamond Shaped Faces

If your face is widest at the cheeks with a pointed chin and thinner at the forehead, then you are a diamond shaped person like Tyra Banks and Ryan Gosling.

With your face shape, you want to focus on sunglasses that work well your wider cheeks. Curves are going to be your best bet, but not oversized wider than your cheeks. Try Clubmaster type shapes.



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