What about the color of the glass? a simply guide to choose the sunglasses you need

Well , so you have decided that you are buying sunglasses , but when the decision arrives there are soo many colors of them outhere , so how can you settle with one color , lete review all colors and their functions.

Grey or Black :It transmits light evenly and better respects the natural colours. It is especially recommended for driving and for any lighting environment.

Orange: Increases contrast in low light situations and filters out blue light. It is especially recommended for night driving, in low light or even in fog. Never use it for solar use.

Yellow: Enhances light and improves contrast on cloudy days. Experts advise against its use for driving on sunny days, as it can cause errors in the perception of traffic lights, among other things.

Brown: This color filters blue radiation, increasing contrast and depth of field. They are the most recommended lenses for people with cases of myopia and for all those who practice sports outdoors.

Green: Reduces visible light without interfering with clarity of vision. Experts recommend its use during water sports, such as sailing, and also for patients suffering from any degree of farsightedness.

we hope this make you more clear about the choise you are going to make on your purchase  

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